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Funds Raised for Lifeline Canberra

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Funds Raised for Lifeline Canberra SolarHub recently participated in a charity fundraiser for Lifeline Canberra, virtually locking up their bosses’ Benn Masters, and Florian Geier until they raised enough for bail by the 9th June. Excitingly, SolarHub managed to smash their goal, and raised a total of $2,858, far beyond their initial $600 target. The raised funds will go to Lifeline Canberra, an organisation here in our community that we can’t live without, with every cent raised going directly towards changing local lives for the better. Further, as part of the fundraiser, the two bosses’ had agreed to wear costumes for the entirety of the 9th read more…

Lock up Your Boss Charity Fundraiser

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Lock up Your Boss Charity Fundraiser The team at SolarHub have locked up their bosses’ Benn Masters, and Florian Geier, and won’t let them out unless they raise the funds for bail by 9th June. The good news is that all of the funds raised for bail go directly to Lifeline Canberra, an organisation here in our community that we can’t live without. Every cent raised will go directed towards changing local lives for the better. As such, we want to help our bosses’ get to their target and will be donating $50 from every system sold in May 2017 toward their read more…

Will I Have Power if the Grid Goes Down?

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Will I Have Power if the Grid Goes Down? When installing an energy storage system, unless specifically wired for off-grid capabilities, your system is still grid tied. This means that although you now have an energy storage system that can store your excess energy, you are still able to draw needed electricity from the grid. For many home owners this is important, as their battery is not capable of providing enough to sustain their house-hold over several days of bad weather, or for their high power usage habits. As such, being grid tied allows these users the freedom of still accessing read more…

kW and kWh Explained

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kW and kWh Explained No doubt as you have started immersing yourself in the world of solar and energy, you have heard the phrase kilowatt (kW) and kilowatt-hour (kWh) being used. Unfortunately these terms are often misused, or deemed interchangeable, when in fact although they make up the a similar element of energy, they aren’t the same. So lets start with the basics to help us understand what these phrases mean, and how they effect your solar.   What is the difference? A kilowatt (kW) refers to the measure of power that is electrically generated at any particular moment. Using a simple read more…

We Have Expanded into Victoria


We Have Expanded into Victoria In late 2016 SolarHub expanded into Melbourne, Victoria, opening up an office in Thomastown. This expansion comes as a reflection of the current market, and the wide-spread need for high quality solar products, with comprehensive customer-support. “This is an exciting new venture for SolarHub, and we look forward to providing homes and businesses with quality solutions for their solar power needs.”- Benn Masters, Director. SolarHub is an approved retailer of the Clean Energy Council, and has undergone a rigorous process to obtain and uphold these high standards. With over 6000 solar systems already installed, SolarHub stands as an experienced player in the read more…

Has the Solar Rebate Ended

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A Clarification On The Solar Rebate Ending In the famous words of Douglas Adams, we would like to tell all of our readers: Don’t Panic. Over the last few weeks, it would seem that many of you have been bombarded with late night calls, and unwarranted emails advising that you need to rush out and buy solar right now, or else you will not be eligible for any solar rebate in the ACT. This is understandably confusing, so we thought we would try to clear a little of it up and stop the state wide panic before we all forget our towels. Is the Solar Rebate Ending? read more…

The Grid Explained

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The Grid Explained The grid, a phrase often thrown around by the energy companies in regard to buying off, sending to, or being more independent from, but never stopped and explained. So what exactly is the grid, and how do we actually interact with it? Lets look at some basics to help us understand what this four letter word has to do with our energy. What is the Grid What is referred to as ‘The Grid’ is an electrical grid connected to the network, and created to deliver electricity from the supplier to the consumer. It is how energy providers supply electricity to our read more…

Caring for your solar PV system

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Caring for your solar PV system A solar PV system can help many home or business owners gain more financial freedom, energy independence, and is increasingly becoming more popular within Australia. Yet one thing many owners do not stop and ask about, is the upkeep of these systems once the initial research investment, and installation process is complete. Two of these factors are cleaning, and the mandatory testing which we have outlined in more detail below. Panel Cleaning Cleaning of the solar panels is recommended in order to keep them free of dirt, leaves, debris and bird droppings. Every system read more…

PV Anti-islanding test

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PV Anti-islanding test As an owner of a solar PV system, it is a requirement that as part of the upkeep and  maintenance of your system, a PV inverter test, also known as an anti-islanding test, is performed at least once every 5 years. This process is necessary to ensure your system remains safely operational and is in compliance with your network suppliers safety requirements. Below we outline what exactly this test is, and some important details to note. What is a PV inverter test? A PV Inverter test, also known as an anti-islanding test, is a test performed on read more…

NextGen F&Qs

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NextGen F&Qs Please see attached PDF for SolarHub’s F&Qs regarding the NextGen Pilot program, for any additional questions please contact us on 1300 213 422 or email FAQ.NextGen SolarHub