Smart Homes

Energy monitoring systems allow our customers to track their solar system and their performance. This includes recording the energy generation and consumption for home or business, meaning the user is then able to isolate areas of vast consumption and adjust if necessary.

These energy monitoring systems can offer a way for customers to better understand where they use their energy. This can then help them understand how to better distribute their energy usage, such as using a washing machine during the day, or keeping lights off when no one is home, which will all assist in lowering power bills for the consumer.

SolarHub offers several energy monitoring technologies to help our customers with this process, which has been described in more detail below.

SolarEdge Energy Monitoring

The SolarEdge Energy Monitor meter is used for production, consumption or feed-in monitoring and for Feed-in Control on a solar PV system. This technology supplies meter readings to the inverter for feed-in limitation, and can help solar system owners understand their energy usage more comprehensively. This device is available from SolarHub to work with compatible solar PV systems.

Smart Home Systems

The Sunny Home Manager offers all functions for seamless PV system monitoring, smart energy management and an integrated energy management solution, the SMA Smart Home. As a result, solar PV system operators have an overview of all relevant energy flows in the home. Using the individualized recommended actions, users can then make decisions about when to use their solar power best. This will in turn help a consumer become more energy independant by allowing them to control their energy usage more comprehensively.