Small Scale Technology Certificates

You may be eligible for financial incentives in the form of Small-Scale Technology Certificates (STC’s) if you decide to invest in solar. STC’s are a commodity that are traded on the STC market and are generally deducted from the total system value at the time of purchase. Like the stock market, prices of STC’s constantly vary depending on factors such as supply and demand.

In purchasing a solar system you have the following choices for your STC’s:

  • Upfront Discount - If you choose this option they will be sold on the STC stock market on your behalf. The value of the STC on the day of installation will determine what they are worth. Some solar companies offer an upfront discount that is fixed (e.g. each STC is fixed at $20) so you know what you have to pay.
  • Clearing House - STCs are guaranteed to be worth $40 each. The full amount of the PV array has to be paid upfront and your STC’s will be placed in a queue. It may take a number of months and possibly longer before they are sold. As at July 24th 2011 the clearing house had a surplus of 4,719,488 STC’s waiting to be sold.
  • Surrender – Some customers choose to surrender their STC’s entirely, which means they cannot be purchased by carbon emitters. By doing this they essentially abate the amount of carbon represented by the STC’s.

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