The National Electrical and Communications Association, commonly known as NECA, is a peak body that represents the interests of the electrical and communications contracting industry across Australia. They are responsible for training over 5,000 apprentices, placing them for on-the-job training with members of NECA where possible. NECA is also responsible for hosting an annual awards event, focusing on recognising excellence in projects across both state, and territories within Australia surrounding solar, and electrical work.

SolarHub entered into the awards this year under the category for Energy Efficiency and Environment with their Project Altilium. This project focused on the successful installation of several energy storage systems, a solar PV system, and energy optimisational technology to a home which already hosted two solar PV systems. The end result was a home that was close to self sufficiency- and was designed to provide the customer with targeted energy efficiency options.

Despite being against some tough competition, SolarHub were announced as the successful state winners of the Energy Efficiency and Environment category for ACT in 2017. This project, and sequential award, has been a huge achievement for SolarHub. Further, the recognition it brings will help perpetuate SolarHub’s focus on being innovative leaders in the solar industry.