Beat Winter Bill Panic

Winter is here, and unfortunately, that can often mean that our electricity bill is soon to arrive, and if we have been feeling the cold and pumping the heater, then it is not going to be one we look forward to. But before crisis mode is enabled, and we start planning how we will live without a heater for the years to follow, lets look at some simple ways we could potentially reduce our energy usage- and in turn, avoid that Winter bill panic.

Rug Up

Leave those layers on when you get indoors! By keeping your jumper, or socks on while inside your home- your body can stay warmer without needing to blast the heating as high. This can be applied to rugging up the house as well. By using rugs, closing doors to unused rooms, drawing the curtains, or adding an extra blanket on your bed, you can help trap the heat in the room. Be sure to check and see if there is any drafts coming from under doors, or windows too, as cold air could be getting in this way and making the place colder than it needs to be.


Turn Off Appliances

Computers, gaming units, or even air conditioning units are often left on at work, or home during the day when no one is home. By turning these off if they are not needed, you can gain greater control over your energy consumption, and reduce some unnecessary drain of your electricity.


Evaluate Your Shower

As we get colder, we often have longer- and hotter showers to warm up, but this can of course be a big drain to our energy bills. To help, investigate if you could benefit from a modern shower head as these use less water. Alternatively you could aim to reduce the time of your showers and not let them drag on for quiet so long.

Solar PV

Solar PV is a great solution for many home, or business owners, allowing users to generate their own electricity using the suns radiation. It has time and time again helped many people reduce their electricity bills, and could potentially help you too. If you decide to investigate the benefits solar PV can bring you, be sure to have a solar representative evaluate your current energy usage habits, including looking at your electricity bill. At SolarHub, we ensure we do this on our initial consultation so we can understand your energy goals, and help tailor a system for you. To get in contact, email us at