Caring for your solar PV system

A solar PV system can help many home or business owners gain more financial freedom, energy independence, and is increasingly becoming more popular within Australia. Yet one thing many owners do not stop and ask about, is the upkeep of these systems once the initial research investment, and installation process is complete. Two of these factors are cleaning, and the mandatory testing which we have outlined in more detail below.

Panel Cleaning

Cleaning of the solar panels is recommended in order to keep them free of dirt, leaves, debris and bird droppings. Every system will be slightly different dependant on their proximity to these factors, however we recommend this process to be completed once a year.  Cleaning of these panels will help ensure that your solar system is operating at peak performance levels and not hindered by murky, or obstructed surface areas on the panels.

PV Inverter Test

Within the ACT, a PV invertert test, also known as an anti-islanding test is required to be performed on your solar inverter every 5 years. This test is undertaken to check your connection safety, and ensure that if mains power was lost for any reason, your PV inverter would shut down, preventing any power from being sent back to the grid. This is extremely important for not only the safety of your solar system, and your household, but also the power workers and the general public. The PV inverter test can also help to avoid damage to equipment, appliances, and minimise any interference to supply quality for your home or business.


Of course if you feel like your solar PV system is not working to its full potential, or something does not seem right, you can ask for a solar system check to be performed, to help ascertain what it is that is worrying you.