Capitalising on the Sun

Commercial solar is booming. A recent report from Bloomberg New Energy Finance (2018) stated that businesses with solar installed have more than doubled in 2018 from the previous year. Sunwiz (2018) have also reported that the Large-Scale Generation Certificates (LGC) reached a record high volume of 2020MW in 2018, with the projected total volume being 2248MW.

These figures are indicative of the growth in confidence for commercial solar, with further reports suggesting 2019 could be an even bigger year yet (2018).

So why are so many businesses making the jump to solar? We break down the top reasons below and outline why solar could be a great solution for your business.


Financial Benefits

A solar PV system works by converting the suns radiation into usable electricity. This is then fed through the home or business for use before any excess energy is fed back to the grid.

This is an ideal scenario for many businesses that operate in daylight hours as they are able to use the energy they are generating. This can often mean the business then relies less on purchasing energy off the grid during these hours of generation and consequently, reduces their electricity bills.

We have worked with many businesses who have found this model a great way to direct money they would have otherwise spent on electricity, toward other more important areas of their business. Netball ACT is a wonderful example of a beneficial solar PV installation- read the case study here for more details.

When you book a site visit with one of our commercial sales team, we develop a customised quote for your business. This includes a calculation of the projected savings so you can have a better understanding of the direct financial benefits possible for your business.


Environmental Benefits

A solar PV installation can drastically reduce your carbon footprint, resulting in a more environmentally friendly business model.

As sustainability and renewable energy becomes an ever-increasing topic of conversation, customers often appreciate a business that has taken the opportunity to be more environmentally aware.


Energy Monitoring

SolarHub provide access to an online monitoring portal upon completion of a commercial installation.

This portal will allow you as the business owner to see how much energy you are generating and notice habits around your consumption as well as monitor the effectiveness of our solar PV system. However, with a more comprehensive understanding of your energy, you can begin to manage your energy more effectively. This in turn could potentially reduce your costs by avoiding wasted energy and recognising when your system is performing at its peak.

One of our commercial sales representatives will be able to show you the online monitoring system upon completion of your installation so you best understand the platform. We also have a technical support team available if any assistance if needed.



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