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The Winter Sol(ar)stice

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 The Winter Sol(ar)stice Frosted windscreens, extra jackets, frozen ponds- yep winter is definitely here. But before we start the usual ardent use and subsequent regret from running our heaters, let’s look at a few factors that might help break this cycle. Below we have put together a few energy saving ideas that might help make that winter energy bill a little more bearable. Layering We’re not suggesting you should have to resort to wearing every piece of clothing you own to stay warm, but there is some merit behind the notion of layering up for the season. By wearing clothes read more…

Solar for Business Rebate

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 Solar for Business Rebate If you are a business owner in the ACT, you may be eligible for a solar rebate up to $5,000* through the Actsmart Solar for Business trial. The rebate is aimed at helping ACT businesses adopt solar PV technologies, and is available for most businesses that meet the following eligibility: * your business must not be a government, government-controlled or government owned entity, nor an owners corporation; and * your business and staff must operate from the registered premises which must be in the ACT; and * our premises must not be residential premises (regardless of whether read more…

SolarHub supports more integrity and checks in the solar industry

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 MEDIA RELEASE: SolarHub supports more integrity and checks in the solar industry 28 May 2019 Last night the 7.30 report ran a story on the solar industry, highlighting the fact that after 10 years of solar boom, a lot of poor-quality equipment still makes its way into Australia and is sold with claims that it is designed to last. The resulting failures of panels and inverters after only a few years leave many consumers out of pocket and with solar equipment going to landfill prematurely. SolarHub CEO, Benn Masters said “The problem of the cheap system solar industry is that read more…

MEDIA RELEASE: SolarHub Partners with ANU to Deliver PV Simulation Project

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 MEDIA RELEASE: SolarHub Partners with ANU to Deliver PV Simulation Project 14 May 2019 An applied research and development project established by the Australian National University (ANU) in 2016 to manage the rising challenges for distribution networks from the high penetration of solar PV systems in Australia, is set to end on June 30, 2019. The project, entitled ‘The Real-time Operational Distributed PV Simulations for Distribution Network Service Providers (DNSP)’ is focused on issues such as voltage regulation and demand forecasting in Australian distribution networks. Primarily funded through The Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA), SolarHub joined as an industry partner, read more…

MEDIA RELEASE: Merici College Solar Installation

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 MEDIA RELEASE: Merici College Solar Installation 16 April 2019 In early 2019, SolarHub completed an installation of a 93.22kW solar PV system at Merici College, Braddon. The system comprises of 236 LG 395W panels, and a SolarEdge 82.8kW Synergy inverter. Franck Nunes, SolarHub’s Commercial Manager handed the system over on April 9th to the sustainability students of Merici College. He demonstrated the school’s monitoring platform and system components to the students. “It has been an honour and a pleasure to collaborate with Merici College on this project. Their drive to not only reduce their electricity bills but also to make a lasting read more…

MEDIA RELEASE: SolarHub Announces Partnership with Eastlake Football Club

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 MEDIA RELEASE: SolarHub Announces Partnership with Eastlake Football Club April 9th 2019 SolarHub are proud to announce their partnership with Eastlake Football Club, supporting the Eastlake Demons Women’s, Rising Stars and Youth Girls football programs. Women’s and Youth Girls football is in an exciting growth period through the introduction and promotion of the AFLW competition, which has seen a significant growth in the Women’s and Youth Girls programs at the Eastlake Football Club. “SolarHub is delighted to be involved with the Eastlake Football club and sponsor the senior women’s, women’s rising stars and youth girls football team for the next read more…

What to Expect Once You Have Chosen Your Solar PV System

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 What to Expect Once You Have Chosen Your SolarHub solar PV System So you have done your research, sourced some quotes and are now ready to proceed with installing a solar PV system. In this post we will be looking at what you can expect once you have chosen your SolarHub solar PV system. Of course, if you’re not yet up to this stage yet, we have an earlier post (link found here) that outlines what to expect when you’re initially looking for a solar PV system. The Quote It starts with the quote. After your initial site visit and consultation read more…

What to Expect When You’re Shopping for a Solar PV System

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 What to Expect When You’re Shopping for a Solar PV System Solar PV has come a long way since its inception as a niche investment for early adopters. With over 2 million solar systems now installed throughout Australia (2018), renewable energy is rapidly becoming a more common place addition to homes and businesses. Yet despite its increasing popularity, starting to shop for solar can still be a daunting and confusing process to instigate for many consumers. With foreign terms, unknown products and conflicting advice, it can often be an intimidating process to begin. To make it just a little easier read more…

Capitalising on the Sun


 Capitalising on the Sun Commercial solar is booming. A recent report from Bloomberg New Energy Finance (2018) stated that businesses with solar installed have more than doubled in 2018 from the previous year. Sunwiz (2018) have also reported that the Large-Scale Generation Certificates (LGC) reached a record high volume of 2020MW in 2018, with the projected total volume being 2248MW. These figures are indicative of the growth in confidence for commercial solar, with further reports suggesting 2019 could be an even bigger year yet (2018). So why are so many businesses making the jump to solar? We break down the read more…

Summer. Simmer. Solar

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 Summer. Simmer. Solar If you haven’t already melted in this heat you may be among the many that are wondering if running the air conditioner 24/7 is a feasible solution. Yet with energy prices looking as if they will steadily rise (2018) and the heat wave continuing through Australia (Guardian, 2018) for the foreseeable future, it can make these decisions extremely costly. Instead, ensuring you take advantage of the available sunshine and applying some easy energy saving tips, you can gain greater control over your energy and subsequent electricity bills. Windows and Blinds It may seem like a very basic idea read more…