Change One Thing

Recently at the Paris climate talk the first ever global agreement was formed and announced on climate change (TCC, 2015). Although this news is huge, it can leave one feeling a little bewildered in regard to how they too can help the planet and where to start on an individual level. To tackle this, we have put together a list of a few easy things to do or consider in order to help the planet.

Plastic Bags for Vegetables

Have you ever been guilty of using a supermarket plastic bag for only one or two loose vegetables? 3.76 billion bags are dumped into landfill every year within Australia (Clean Up Australia, 2015), and most of that could be prevented. Instead, try to use a basket instead or place several of your vegetables into the same plastic bag.

BYO Coffee Cup

The ACT is full of coffee lovers, and disposable cups are a common casualty of this love. Many of these become unnecessary landfill, which can be easily prevented by using a re-usable permanent cup. This will in turn help stop waste, landfill and wasted energy.

Turn Appliances Off

Computers and air conditioning units are often left on at work, or home during the day when no one is home. By turning off these, and any other unused appliances you can not only save unused energy but also save yourself some money.

Wash in Cold Water

Washing your clothes produces a lot of energy and greenhouse gas emissions, with reports (ACT environment, 2015) saying that about ¾ of this comes from just heating the hot water. Choosing to use cold water instead of hot means you can drastically reduce this impact, and your clothes will still be cleaned.

Ride to Work

Canberra is fortunate enough to have many bike paths, and close-range locations, making it a viable option for many to ride to work instead of driving. If riding isn’t your thing, perhaps walking, catching a bus, or carpooling with others you know is a possibility, and would drastically help the environment.

LED lighting and Solar

The next step, if you’re really serious about saving the environment, is to look at your energy generation and consumption as a whole. Investments such as LED lighting, or solar are a bigger investment, but can greatly help you reduce your carbon footprint and also help you save money on electricity costs. If you would like to find out more, contact SolarHub today on (02)6140 4678 or email