Starting from the 11th of July 2015, there will be a new regulatory requirement to install an earth fault indicator separate to the solar inverter. This indicator can be either an audible alarm that is install in a main thoroughfare of the house or an email/sms that is sent to the system owner in the event of a problem. Most manufacturers are upgrading their inverters to allow you to connect the inverter directly to the internet and from there allowing system installers to configure the inverters to send an email in the event of a system earth fault. For premises without internet availability, SolarHub is developing a surface mounted light that can be installed in the hallway, kitchen or any any frequented area of the house.

Unfortunately, this new requirement will mean a slight increase in system prices effective 1st July 2015 to accommodate the increase cost of making systems compliant. However, for those with an internet connection there will be the added benefit of being able to monitor their inverter performance via the internet.