Elements of a Solar System

So you have a solar PV system installed on your roof- but do you really understand what the parts are, and what they do? Below, we look at some of the basic components of a net-based solar system, and the importance they each play to help you generate your energy.

Solar Panels

The solar PV panels are the element that sit on your roof to collect the suns radiation. They will be installed on a roof space with optimal sunlight capacity- to help ensure you generate as much energy as possible for your home or business. This energy is then fed toward to the inverter.


The inverter is a box that sits on the wall- often close to the meter-box, or panels. It receives the energy from the panels as DC electricity, and converts it into usable AC electricity to feed through the house, or business. In a net-based system, this electricity will be first used within your home, with any excess being sent back to the grid- or to an energy storage system.

Battery Storage

If you have opted to get a battery storage/energy storage system- then your excess energy generated will be fed into the battery before it is sent to the grid. These are usually installed on your wall in the garage, or on the side of the house in a secure space. SolarHub uses LG, and Telsa Energy batteries as their battery options.

Monitoring Technologies

Some customers chose to get optimisational technologies installed, such as Reposit Power to help them monitor their consumption, and usage habits. This is especially relevant if they are installing a battery as it can help control the batteries time of charging, and dispatching- ensuring the customer gets the most out of their purchase.


You may need a new meter, or it may just need reprogramming. This will be discussed when you get an initial quote from your sales representative, and will be priced accordingly. Once you have the appropriate meter installed, it will be able to read how much energy you’re sending back to the grid. This excess will then be reflected in your electricity bill.

Power Grid

The power grid- commonly known as the ‘grid’ is responsible for sending and receiving electricity to homes and businesses. This is where your excess energy is sent, distributing it to other homes, and businesses that require energy at that time.