Energy Optimisation

What is Energy Optimisation?

Energy optimisational technologies work with a home or businesses solar system, and offer these owners a way of understanding their energy usage more comprehensively. These technologies can offer a range of useful optimisational information, including monitoring of consumption, and generation habits which can then in turn help the energy be intelligently controlled.

Through this process, home and business owners can become more energy independent, by becoming aware of their own energy needs and habits, and making  well informed energy usage decisions. This could include decisions such as learning when the best time to turn on certain appliances, to ensure the energy generated is being used effectively.

SolarHub uses smart home technologies to provide these services from well known and trusted brands. These include the SE Energy Monitor, and the Reposit Power Smart Home Controller. A SolarHub consultant will discuss the best option for you if you chose to learn more about optimisation in your consultation.

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Energy Monitor
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Reposit Box
Reposit Power
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How Does it Work?

Energy Optimisation technologies can monitor your system and intelligently control how your power is used. This can then help you learn about usage patterns, control what appliances are used when, and help you become a energy smart home.

Optimise Diagram