Energy Saving Tips this Christmas

Christmas should be a time for enjoyment- but can often be a stressful and expensive time of the year, filled with buying gifts, cooking meals, decorating, hosting the family, and forgetting all about just how much power you’re using- until you get the electricity bill shortly after. To help avoid post-Christmas electricity shock, we have put together a few ideas that can help reduce the impact you’re making on your electricity bill during this silly season, meaning you’re able to focus on more important things.

Solar Power Decorations

If you’re planning on stringing up some lights outside your home or garden, think about using solar-powered ones. They work by charging through the day when the sun is out- and light up in the evening, not drawing any electricity from your home. Australia is lucky enough to experience Christmas in Summertime (and looking to be a hot one this year) which means there will be plenty of sun for these to run off, making them a great alternative.

Keeping Cool

It is going to be hot this Summer, but running the air-conditioner all day and night can be expensive, and make a very large dent on your electricity bill. Instead why not look at putting the air conditioner on a timer, close the blinds to keep the cool air in, or think about heading to the local pool to cool down?

Tree Decorations

If you’re one to decorate the tree this Christmas, why not switch over to LED lights as they use less electricity than traditional incandescent bulbs and are more energy efficient. Alternatively you could DIY some decorations, or re- use that old tinsel and skip the lights altogether.

Cooking up a Feast

By timing your meals more efficiently, you can cook several dishes at a time in the oven and reduce the amount of time you need to leave it running. Alternatively, think about including some cold dishes to your menu and cut down on the need for the oven.

 Solar PV

Solar PV is a great solution for many home, or business owners, allowing users to generate their own electricity using the suns radiation. It has time and time again helped many people reduce their electricity bills, and could potentially help you too. If you decide to investigate the benefits solar PV can bring you, be sure to have a solar representative evaluate your current energy usage habits, including looking at your electricity bill. At SolarHub, we ensure we do this on our initial consultation so we can understand your energy goals, and help tailor a system for you. To get in contact, email us at