Solar Battery Storage

Energy storage systems allow home or business owners the ability to capture any excess energy they generate through their solar system in a solar battery storage unit, which consequently allow for that energy to be used during times of high energy usage, bad weather, or at nighttime. Thus, by using this excess energy, solar battery storage owners are able to depend less on buying electricity from the grid, and can reduce their electricity bills further, giving them more energy independence.

SolarHub provides both retrofit and all-in one solutions for our battery options, using various technologies from well known brands LG, SolaX and Tesla Energy. Our ranges all offer full system monitoring solutions, thus providing the ability to track energy usage, and discover trends, easily accessible from computer, tablet and phone devices.


LG resu high voltage
HV Battery
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LG resu low voltage
LV Battery
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solax triple power
Triple Power
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How does a solar battery work?

  1. The sun’s radiation is captured through a solar PV system, the inverter then converting it to useable AC electricity
  2. Excess energy is fed into the storage system, which can be used during the night, bad weather or during periods of high usage
  3. If the grid goes down, the energy storage system can continue to provide energy to the household (when backup equipment is fitted)

Solar Battery Storage by Solarhub

Be your own power station and get paid $1/kWh for your stored energy

SolarHub has teamed up with innovative Australian startup Reposit Power to equip energy storage systems with smart controllers that allow battery owners to act as their own power station and sell power back to the grid at times of peak demand. You can be paid up to $1 per kWh for energy that is dispatched to the grid during these peak periods which is considerable higher than would you would pay for it. SolarHub continues to work with Reposit and some of Australia’s leading electricity retailers allow you to maximise your investment in energy storage.

Access government discounts for your storage in the NextGen program (ACT only)

If you are a resident of the ACT you may be eligible for discounted energy storage through the ACT governments Next Generation Energy Storage Program. SolarHub is able to offer discounted energy storage systems to ACT homes and businesses under the ACT Nextgen program. However these systems are limited, so please contact a SolarHub sales representative today to find out more, or visit our Next Generation Storage Program page for more details.