Next Generation Energy Storage Program

If you are a resident of the ACT, you may be eligible for discounted energy storage systems through the ACT governments Next Generation Energy Storage Program (NextGen). As one of the largest roll outs of energy storage systems in the world, the initial pilot saw select companies successfully offer around 600 Canberra homes and businesses discounted energy storage systems. As a result of the pilot program’s success, a further 600 energy storage systems under the NextGen program are now available to the Canberra market and SolarHub still has places available and is offering up $4,000 is assistance.

How do I find more information?

Further to the information provided on this page, the ACTSMART fact sheet located on this page may also assist with some additional information.  Most of all you should discuss your specific requirements in an onsite consultation to ensure you get advice relevant to your particular situation. While there are many companies out there that will try to sell you a system over the phone its important to get someone to site to determine equipment location. As a result, your installation process will run smoothly and avoid any last minute surprises.

How do I sign up to NextGen?

SolarHub are one of several companies that are able to offer discounted energy storage systems, however spots are limited. Due to high demand, we expect to fill the remaining spots ahead of the date so please contact us today to ensure you don’t miss out.

How much does it cost?

SolarHub have several packages available under the NextGen program. As a result, pricing will depend on whether you have an existing solar PV system and just want to fit a battery or are looking for an entire new system with solar panels. To find out more, get in touch with a SolarHub sales representative today who can can visit your premises to provide an accurate quote.

How does Reposit work?

As part of the energy storage system installation, SolarHub will install a Reposit Power controller and monitoring meter. Since the NextGen program is looking to trial a range of technologies the Reposit system is designed to work with all battery technologys offered by SolarHub under the NextGen program. Once installed, it will communicate via your home internet connection with the Reposit website to allow you to remotely monitor your system and track the performance of your battery.

Reposit learns your energy usage and consumption habits over time and adapts accordingly. Similarly, it also looks at weather predictions and makes smart decisions about the best time to charge and discharge your battery to minimise your bill. Due to algorthims inside the Reposit controller, your battery will look at opportunities on the grid export your power when the prices as high and in doing soon earn you GridCredits at 100c/kWh. Finally, it provides all of this information to you in an app that allows you to check-in on your system from anywhere.

Next Generation Energy Storage Program Installation