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What to Expect Once You Have Chosen Your SolarHub solar PV System

So you have done your research, sourced some quotes and are now ready to proceed with installing a solar PV system. In this post we will be looking at what you can expect once you have chosen your SolarHub solar PV system.

Of course, if you’re not yet up to this stage yet, we have an earlier post (link found here) that outlines what to expect when you’re initially looking for a solar PV system.

The Quote

It starts with the quote. After your initial site visit and consultation with a SolarHub representative you would have been sent a customised quote. This quote outlines our recommended solar and/or solar battery options for your home or business as well as any additional options available (if applicable).

Your sales representative can work with you to answer any questions you may have surrounding these options. However, once you have decided which option you would like to proceed with, there will be marked pages within the quote that you’ll need to complete and send back. This will allow us to begin the process of transforming your quote into a job.


Welcome Letter

To welcome you on board you will initially be sent our SolarHub welcome letter. The welcome letter is a useful tool which outlines the various stages of your solar installation. It includes an explanation of steps such as obtaining permission for the connection of your system, signing documents, inspections and other additional stages. It also offers a rough outline of the time-frame for each step so you can plan accordingly. However, our customer service team will also be in touch throughout this process to update you on the status of your installation.


Before your system is installed, it must first be approved by your utility company. The approvals for this process will change depending on your location, and what type of system it is (e.g. solar PV, or solar PV and battery). SolarHub will handle this process for you. With local offices and a wealth of experience in solar, we understand what is required on a local regulation level to get your system approved and operational.

We will also notify your retailer of your solar installation so that you are credited for your solar generation accordingly each electricity bill.  Once your approvals are back from the utility company, SolarHub will be in contact to arrange a date for your installation.


We will try to work with your schedule to find a suitable date for your installation. We acknowledge that because you need to be there on the day, and as such will need to plan accordingly, you will need as much information as possible about what to expect.

When a SolarHub representative contacts you to book the installation, they will be able to advise on the expected time-frame. However, as a general rule, for residential jobs- a solar PV installation will take a day to complete and a solar PV and battery installation will take two days to complete. For commercial jobs, due to their (usually) larger system size and complexity, our team of engineers will be able to advise on a time-frame once they have completed the design.

Of course, these times can vary for reasons such as if the job is complex, there is bad weather, or for a larger-installation. However, these will be communicated to you should they arise.

On the day of the installation, our SolarHub team will arrive and work to install your system as designed. They will walk you through your system once completed, ask you to sign some documents, and ensure you understand your new solar system. The user manual is also able to offer some guidance here and is a useful reference tool. This manual is sent out post-installation and will include details specific to your system.

System Inspection

In some areas a system inspection is required post-installation to ensure it adheres to regulations.  SolarHub will coordinate this if required and you will be notified accordingly. After this, your system will be switched on and you will begin generating your own renewable energy.

 What’s Next

If you want to find out more about making the switch to solar, get in contact with us today via our contact page (find the link here).