A Clarification On The Solar Rebate Ending

In the famous words of Douglas Adams, we would like to tell all of our readers: Don’t Panic.

Over the last few weeks, it would seem that many of you have been bombarded with late night calls, and unwarranted emails advising that you need to rush out and buy solar right now, or else you will not be eligible for any solar rebate in the ACT. This is understandably confusing, so we thought we would try to clear a little of it up and stop the state wide panic before we all forget our towels.

Is the Solar Rebate Ending?

Yes, but not for a long time. In 14 years to be precise, on the 31st December 2030. This doesn’t mean we won’t feel the effects for 14 years, but rather that each year until this date, the payback will reduce by one-fifteenth. The 31st December 2016 was the first time this rebate reduced by one-fifteenth, the next time will be on 31st December 2017 by a further one-fifteenth.

Is There Still a Rebate?

Yes, the ACT solar rebate has only reduced, and despite what some companies have told you, it has not disappeared entirely.

Then Why are Some Companies Telling Me it is About to Disappear?

The reality is that there are some questionable solar companies out there, and they are taking advantage of the mixed messages, and the confusion to promote fear, and sales. If you are in doubt about what you are eligible for, and what rebates you will receive, please contact a CEC approved solar retailer to discuss further. These companies, inclusive of SolarHub, are upheld to a high level of customer standards, and can help shed some light on the topic.

So What Now?

Now that the mad-rush panic is gone, if you are still interested in solar, we would love to help by organising a consultation with one of our sales representatives to discuss further. To organise one today, please call on (02) 6140 4678.