The standard grid voltage in Australia is 240V and to ensure that the voltage remains relatively consistent across the grid, inverters are only allowed to operate when the grid voltage is below 255V.

What this means

If at any time the grid voltage is above 255V for 10mins or more your inverter will shutdown until the voltage drops below the 255V threshold.

How will you Know

You will be able to tell this is happening either by looking at the inverter directly where you will see the inverter power drop to 0W for periods of time during the day or via the monitoring portal for the inverter where you will also be able to see the power drop to 0W for a brief period.

What to do

Don’t panic. If you become aware of this issue post-installation then please contact SolarHub directly and we will lodge a form with the relevant utility to address the high voltage in your area. Once we lodge the form it can take anywhere from 2 to 8 weeks for the problem to be resolved but please be assured that during this period your system will be operational albeit that the performance of the system will be impacted until the utility reduces the voltage in your area.


This issue does not affect the warranty on your inverter on any other equipment used in the installation.

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