Image of SolarHub 3/6 Pelle St Mitchell premises

Inaugural SolarHub Tipping Results

Earlier this year SolarHub ran their inaugural tipping competition with $1750 worth of prizes to be won by participants.

Covering AFL, NRL, Super Rugby and Super Netball, the competition was fierce among the participants, however only a few could win. Below we have outlined those winners for each sport category as well as the overall winner who accumulated the most points across all 4 sports.

Congratulations to all the winners, and good luck tipping next year.

Overall Winners

  1. Kieran Higgins
  2. Briony Geier
  3. Paul Fogarty

NRL Winners

  1. Grant Sands
  2. Matt Cotter
  3. Briony Geier

AFL Winners

  1. Keiran Higgins
  2. Paul Foggarty
  3. Martin Barmin

Netball Winners

  1. Briony Geier
  2. Keiran Higgins
  3. Paul Foggarty

Super Rugby

  1. Matt Cotter
  2. Paul Foggarty
  3. Kieran Higgins