Energy independence is a phrase that is rapidly gaining momentum throughout the energy world, and for good reason too. With increasing energy prices and demands on the grid, many home and business owners are looking for more stability and control over their own energy needs, some of which can be achieved with the help of solar technologies.


Solar PV systems are a fantastic option for many home or business owners by allowing them to generate their own electricity. Solar PV panels capture the suns radiation, turning it into DC electricity which is then converted by the inverter into usable AC energy, feeding this through the home or business. Any excess energy is then sent back to the grid. By generating their own energy, users can purchase less energy off the grid, often meaning lower electricity bills. We use several leading products including the LG panels, and the SolarEdge Smart Panel which we have reviewed in our blog here. 


Another step toward having more control over your energy is for the installation of batteries to your solar PV system. Batteries work by capturing the excess energy you have created from your PV system and store it for later use such as when the sun is down, during bad weather, or in times of high demand. This could mean you rely on your own generated energy for longer, again depending less on the grid.


Further to solar PV systems and batteries, there are several optimisational and monitoring technologies that can help home and business owners become more energy independent. By utilising these technologies, solar users can understand their energy habits more comprehensively and adapt accordingly. This could mean they become more aware of their energy usage and learn to use appliances when their unused generation is  at its peak, ensuring they use the most of their solar energy.

To find out more about how you can become more energy independent and how solar technologies can help you become less dependant on the grid, then arrange an obligation free consultation with one of our sales representatives today.