At SolarHub, we always strive to offer the highest quality components we can get our hands on as we passionately believe in designing systems for the long term. In our experience there are only a few manufacturers that offer great after sales service, complete warranties and are certain to be there for the long-term. Up until now this has meant we have only used inverters from the big name brands like SMA, ABB, Fronius and Delta and panels from manufacturers such as LG, Trina and Canadian Solar.

As with all premium gear, going for the best usually means paying a little more and while we still think its worth spending a little extra to get the best equipment, not everyone can afford it. We have been looking very hard at how we can reduce the cost of our entry level systems and after much deliberation have decided to introduce the silver range, which includes an inverter from Zeversolar and panels from Jinko. So, a little bit about who they are and why we have selected them:


In our opinion the inverter it the most important part of the installation and for that reason we have always stuck with the big guns, SMA, ABB and Fronius. Recently SMA purchased a 72% stake in Zeversolar to tap into the fast growing Chinese market. In short, if its good enough for SMA it is good enough for us ,so we are now offering the Zeversolar inverters, which definitely shaves some of the system costs and helps you save money.

Jinko Solar

According to Bloomberg New Energy Finance Jinko are a tier one panel, which puts them in the top 20 manufacturers globally. Their biggest claim to fame locally is being the supplier of panels to the Royalla solar farm just south of Canberra. On an installation of that scale and being so close to the Canberra CBD we are confident that the Jinko panels are of an excellent quality and that they will work well in the variable Canberra conditions.

As with any purchase, it’s always a toss-up between price and quality but we are happy to put our name to both these products and think the silver range systems offer excellent value for money