Where Should You Add LED Downlights in a NSW Home?

Adding LED downlights in a NSW home is a very popular option today, as these add a soft glow to any corner of a room. However, you want to think about where you’ll add these lights and how they’ll work for you before you start your installation. Simply putting them where there is an empty space in your room won’t mean creating any type of ambience and may mean wasted work and effort.

First consider the size of any room where you think you’ll put LED downlights in a NSW home. You don’t want them too close to your main lighting fixture, so they should be used in a large room or more sparingly in a small room. It’s also good to think about what they’ll be highlighting once installed and running. For kitchens, you’ll want them to give added light to your cupboards and cabinets, or to darker corners of the room. If you have a long and narrow kitchen, they may be better at each of the longer ends rather than all around the room.

For other rooms of the home, you may want them to highlight certain features such as a fireplace or to add some light where lamps and fixtures do not, such as those far corners. You may not need LED downlights in a NSW home where there are windows and natural light, so note these areas carefully. This will mean using those LED downlights in a NSW home in the best way.