With the fluctuation of electricity prices and the Solar Bonus Scheme that has recently come to an end, many New South Wales and South Coast residents are exploring solar and batteries for their home and business. We can help you to self-consume more of your own energy, and in turn, rely less on the grid.

With years of knowledge and experience in customising systems for rural areas and a local office in Batemans Bay, we truly understand the rules and regulations that are required to get you connected and generating solar power.

Rebates and incentives for solar power in South Coast NSW

Other than the Australia-wide Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme, local governmental initiatives have been put in place to support renewable energy solar power in NSW, including the NSW program for low income households.

Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme and Small-Scale Technology Certificates

The Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme provides a financial incentive for the installation of small-scale renewable energy system, such as solar panels. It does so through the creation of Small-Scale Technology Certificates (STC’s), which is a commodity that can be sold or bought on the open STC market. Like the stock market, prices of STC’s constantly vary depending on factors such as supply and demand.

SolarHub offer STCs as an upfront discount to the total price of a solar system.

The amount of STC’s created from a solar power system will be based on three factors:

  1. The total size of the system in kW;
  2. The rating of the solar zone where the panels are installed (North of Tomakin is in Zone 3, South of Tomakin is in Zone 4);
  3. The number of years the solar system will be producing for, before the scheme is phased out.

Every quote we produce will have detailed information on the amount of STC’s you are eligible for, and on the process of trading them. Here is a table of potential rebates you could take advantage of. Please note that Zone 3 is for households situated North of Moruya, while Zone 4 is South of Moruya:


STC’s rebate for South Coast (Zone 3)

System size Amount of STC’s STC’s price Rebate
3.3kW 50 $36 $1,800
6.6kW 100 $36 $3,600
9.9kW 150 $36 $5,400


STC’s rebate for South Coast (Zone 4)

System size Amount of STC’s STC’s price Rebate
3.3kW 43 $36 $1,548
6.6kW 86 $36 $3,096
9.9kW 129 $36 $4,644

Indicative rebate based on a 2020 installation and $36 STC price

NSW Solar for low income program

the NSW Government is trialling a new way to help people on low incomes reduce their electricity bills by installing 3 kW solar systems on their homes. The program aims to improve energy affordability by helping households unlock long term savings on their electricity bills.

SolarHub has been selected as the installer for this program on the South Coast.

To know if you can apply to this program, do not hesitate to contact us, or consult the NSW Solar for low income program guide.



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