Thursday 30th November 2017

New technology has been launched in Canberra this week which allows Canberra battery owners to sell stored energy back to the ACT grid at the press of a button.

The technology from Reposit Power, Reposit Fleet, utilises a Virtual Power Plant (VPP) and takes advantage of more than 200 solar/battery systems installed in Canberra by SolarHub. These smart solar batteries allow Canberra owners to take advantage of an offer by ActewAGL Distribution (soon to be known as Evoenergy) to earn $1 per kWh Feed-in-Tariff when grid support services are required – that’s more than eight times the going rate in ACT!

Benn Masters, the CEO of SolarHub said “The great thing about a Virtual Power Plant compared to a centralised battery like the much-spruiked Tesla battery in South Australia, is that in addition to providing grid support, the household batteries also work to directly reduce the owners power bills every day” Masters said.

Energy stored in smart batteries is also valuable to electricity retailers and distributors during high demand times, and Reposit’s fleet system aggregates this energy into a single, dispatchable power source that can be called upon at any time.

Batteries paired with Reposit’s technology create a VPP in the ACT and demonstrate the success of the ACT Government’s Next Generation Energy Storage Program. The batteries must be able to respond to price signals on the National Electricity Market, which SolarHub’s installations achieve with the help of Reposit.

“The potential benefits to owners of batteries are becoming increasingly attractive, especially when connected to a Virtual Power Plant.” Masters said.

“As more Canberra residents purchase batteries; the Virtual Power Plant gets larger and so does its inherent value, proving that the whole is better than the sum of its parts. The announcement this week demonstrates a positive step toward innovative and clean technology, and provides much needed relief for home owners rising power bills.”, he said.

Masters said “When hundreds of batteries all work together in unison, this turns the tables with distributors and retailers being prepared to pay premium rates to access this dispatchable resource. This puts the power and benefit squarely back in the homeowners’ pockets.”

“At SolarHub, we are excited to continue helping homeowners and businesses generate and store clean energy, and enable them to play a part in long term network solutions” he said.


30 November 2017


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