Friday 12th January 2018

SolarHub have been announced as one of the selected companies whom are able to offer subsidies under the latest round of the ACT Government’s Next Generation Storage Program (NextGen).

The Next Generation Storage Grants program aims to facilitate the uptake of battery storage in the ACT. The program will support the roll-out of around 36MW of distributed battery storage in more than 5000 homes and businesses by 2020. This is one of the largest roll-outs of distributed solar battery storage technology in the world.

Having successfully installed over 230 batteries in the ACT under previous NextGen rounds, SolarHub are well- experienced in this field and have a good understanding of the local market.

SolarHub will be able to offer LG RESU batteries to their customers which will be fitted with technology from Reposit Power, a Canberra based company with the worlds best battery control system. Reposit’s technology will provide the customer with the ability to connect to Canberra’s Big Battery which allows home owners to sell their power to energy retailers and distributors.

SolarHub CEO Benn Masters says the rebate wil reduced the upfront cost of batteries to make them more accessible for homeowners.

“SolarHub are excited to once more be able to be selected and offer our customers the world’s leading batteries coupled with the best battery control system from Reposit Power. Having installed over 1MW of batteries in the ACT under previous rounds of the program, we are looking forward to expanding on the Canberra Big Battery launched in November last year and reducing customers energy bills. “

If you are a resident of the ACT you may be eligible for subsidised energy storage systems under this ACT Government’s Next Generation Energy Storage Program.

To find out more please contact SolarHub on (02) 6140 4678 or via email on

More information about the ACT Government’s Next Generation Pilot can be found