Having completed what is believed to be Australia’s largest trial of a distributed Virtual Power Plant (VPP) of residential battery storage systems, the early  results indicate that batteries can work collectively to reduce the pressure on the grid at times of peak demand and reduce power bills.

Launched in November 2017, Reposit Power technology, Reposit Fleet, gave Canberra battery owners the ability to sell their stored energy back to the ACT grid when support services were required. The batteries respond to price signals on the National Electricity Market to provide grid operators such as Evo Energy access to over 1MW of dispatchable power on demand. Over 300 residential battery systems installed in the ACT by SolarHub are part of this VPP and help showcase the success of the ACT Government’s Next Generation Energy Storage Program.

The VPP, as part of Evoenergy’s demand management program has showcased its potential to provide a reliable, and effective energy solution to a growing energy demand, whilst also offering more power to the consumers.

SolarHub CEO, Benn Masters said “The VPP trial is the culmination of hours of tireless work from our installation and engineering teams. Building the VPP requires a very high degree of skill and proficiency and we are excited to see the VPP in action.”

“The Reposit technology is ground-breaking and SolarHub’s close working relationship with Reposit Power here in Canberra demonstrates how collaborative relationships at a local level can deliver world-leading results. The Canberra VPP is something we as Canberran’s should be proud of and while still relative small, with the support of the local Government and consumers, the VPP will grow to be a very valuable asset as we move towards 100% renewables in the territory.”

More information about how you can be part of this Canberra’s VPP can be found by contacting SolarHub.



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