New-Build Homes

Are you looking to put solar PV panels on your new build or newly renovated home? At SolarHub we have extensive experience in both and have helped over 8000 customers throughout the ACT, NSW, Sydney and Victoria generate their own energy through solar PV. Knowing when to get  in touch and what is involved can help in the planning process and can help save you time and money.


If possible, get in contact with SolarHub as early as possible in the building process. This will allow us to discuss your energy requirements with yourself and to ensure that the solar installation is completed as neat and efficiently as possible. It is also a good idea to bring any floor plans you might have so we can measure your roof and map out how where your solar will best suit.

Rough In

The rough-in allows us to ensure the correct AC and DC cabling is done as well as instigate any additional adjustments that may need to be made. This process needs to be completed once the roof is on but before the internal walls are sheeted to make certain that it is installed as neatly and efficiently as possible. This step is the most time-sensitive, so it is important to keep us updated.


While the home is being finalised SolarHub will organise all the paperwork and installation of your solar PV system. We will coordinate with your builders and work our hardest to have it installed and ready for time of occupancy.

Moving In

Once you have moved in please contact SolarHub. We will then be able to coordinate commissioning of your monitoring system, and organise for your system to be inspected and turned on. This will allow you to start generating your own energy and reaping the benefits of solar.

What Next

Get in contact today to arrange an obligation free consultation to discuss your new home build via our contact us page.