Since its inception SolarHub has worked primarily as a broker for both Solar PV and Solar Hot Water systems. Over the past few months we have reflected on that strategy and have decided that we should apply our great customer service skills and years of experience to the whole solar supply and install process and not just focus on evaluating options for customers. Recent consolidation in the market has also reduced the number of suppliers and looking at the companies out there we are not shy in saying “we think we can do a better job!”.

We are going to do things a bit differently as we believe many solar companies spend half their time chasing their tails and this means delays to system installs and increased costs. Firstly, we are going to provide a dedicated project manager for every install we do. This will mean that customers have a single point of contact at SolarHub – we may even give customers their mobile so that they can reach them in the office or on the road 🙂 Secondly, we are going to drastically reduce the amount of time between placing a deposit with us and getting you system switched on (not just installed). The most recent system we did was designed, installed, approved and switched-on within 4 weeks and we are going to aim for that timeframe for every system we deliver.

Our background as a broker in this business has taught us a lot about what suppliers  don’t do so well and what frustrates customers the most and we are committed to delivering high-quality systems on-time and at very competitive prices.

To get the ball rolling we have just revamped the website and if you are an ACT or NSW resident you can now browse all our systems online. Following these links to get started:

The SolarHub Team