When You Shouldn’t Buy Solar

Solar power is a fantastic solution for many home and business owners. It means they can begin to generate and even store their own energy, often resulting in reduced electricity bills, and greater energy independence. But despite these great benefits- it is important to note what is right for you, and that not everyone should buy solar. As such, when you’re investigating if it is worth it for you, ensure you take the time to talk to a solar representative who look at your home, and put together a report outlining your specific needs. If you’re in doubt of who to talk to, the Clean Energy Council has a list of approved retailers on their website, all of whom abide by a strict customer based regulation to ensure they are looking after the customer first. SolarHub are proud to be on this list.

Below we have outlined some frequent reasons that we come across when solar is not the best option for consumers. However, for an accurate understanding of what is right for you, be sure to get in touch so one of our sales representatives who can help you assess your situation.

No Appropriate Roof Space

This is an issue for some homes or businesses where they have a small roof space, or already have items such as satellites that can’t be moved- in turn meaning the panels will not fit. It could also be an instance where there is space- but the available roof faces South, a direction that cannot be installed on as it would be of no benefit to you or your system. of course, if you are unsure about your roof space, or direction, have a chat to a solar sales representative, and ensure they come out to view your roof- so that they see any possible obstacles.

Unstable Roof

This is especially relevant in homes where the intention is to install the solar on a shed, or barn. To ensure the system is installed safely, and the workers are kept safe too- the roof must be secure and stable- so no big holes or beams falling down.

Excess of Shading

It is important to note the level of shading you get across your viable roof spaces. SolarHub take care to measure this for you, and give an approximation of your system in their report, advising if there will be too much to warrant investing in a solar system. Optimisation technologies can assist if there is some shading, however this will all be evaluated in a report to help assess the benefit of solar to you. Objects such as trees may be suggested to be removed if viable and is the only option.

When Unsure

If you are unsure if you should go ahead with solar or not, and if the benefits will work for you- talk to one of our specialists. They will be able to advise you according to your unique situation, and work with you from there, advising if solar is the right direction for you.