Small-scale Technology Certificates

To encourage individuals and businesses to use and invest in renewable sources of energy, there are government incentives and rebates available for solar. One of these is the Small-scale Technology Certificate, or more commonly known as STCs.

How They Work

When purchasing a solar system consumers may be eligible for these STCs, with the amount they receive varying dependant on factors such as their geographical location, installation date, size of system, and the current trading price on the STC market. Similar to most stock markets, the trading price of STCs can fluctuate according to supply and demand, meaning the prices of systems can sequentially be influenced. Most solar companies will be up to date with current STC prices, and have a current price list, or quoting system that will reflect this.

How This Affect You

SolarHub, along with many other solar companies, offer STCs as an upfront discount to the total price of a solar system. When you organise a consultation with a SolarHub sales representative, they will complete and send you a report afterwards with your quote that will include this STC price in the total system price. This means you as a customer can benefit immediately financially when proceeding, as well as being able to avoid having to worry about the paperwork, or selling on your STCs- as we will do it for you.

What To Do Now

If you would like to book a consultation with a SolarHub representative to find out more about the benefits of solar PV, contact us today via our contact us page.