Solar Energy

There are many reasons why solar energy is great for home and business owners. These can frequently include reduced electricity costs, environmental benefits, and potential home value increases. As a result of the use of solar technologies, including panels, energy storage systems, or smart home technologies, users can start creating, and maximising their own energy usage. This can then further empower the consumer by giving them more energy independence, and less dependency on the grid.

We understand that deciding what equipment to install, and what you may or may not need is a difficult, resulting in an often confusing process. However, at SolarHub, we take the time to understand your needs and requirements, and accordingly work with you to design the best system for you, and what you need. We use trusted brands for our installations, whom we have tried and tested.


Solar Panels
LG and Jinko
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SolarEdge and SolaX
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How it Works

  1. Solar PV panels convert the sun’s radiation into DC electricity
  2. An inverter then converts this DC into useable AC electricity to feed into the house
  3. The meterbox measures energy used and any excess created
  4. The excess energy is sent back to the grid
Solar Energy