Commercial Solar

Why Solar for Business?

Commercial solar can be a great way for a business to make a significant environmental impact, and as such, potentially help reduce their electricity bills. SolarHub have completed numerous commercial solar installations in ACT, NSW, and surrounds, and therefore have a wealth of knowledge on the required procedure. Some such installations are inclusive of the SolarHub ACT Netball Centre, and Storage King. Many of SolarHub’s commercial businesses have as a result seen some great financial benefits after installation of their solar.

Commercial solar is a great solution for so many businesses because solar energy, which is generated during the day is initially used to power a businesses needs, with any excess is sent back to the grid. As such, this process compliments the average business model nicely, as businesses are predominately using most of their energy during the day. Therefore, this means that when they are generating the most energy, they can then use this for their own purposes, and thus potentially save money on electricity.

A SolarHub representative will also work with you as the business owner to understand your needs and usage patterns. Further, they will then produce a customised report to break down potential savings, and thus recommend options for your business. SolarHub will then guide you throughout the whole process, naturally looking after all the small details. This will of course include any paperwork needed for approval, finalised designs for the solar, and installation. To find out more, contact us today.

How Much Will My Business Save?

Commercial solar is a great way for businesses to potentially reduce their electricity bills, and to consequently add value to a buildings value. Therefore a personalised projection of savings will be calculated when working with one of our SolarHub consultants. However, it is important to note that there are a number of factors that can influence savings from solar. As such, these can include the following.

  • Energy consumption habits
  • Size of solar system installed
  • Shading
  • Location of business


Case Studies