Solar Power Canberra and ACT

SolarHub are proud Canberra locals who understand the unique aspects of the market, and have successfully installed over 6000+ systems in the area, specialising in being experts around everything solar power Canberra.  Thus, this experience has allowed us to learn what systems work best in the climate, and build a solid base of local suppliers, and partners. We are one of the longest standing companies in the region with highly skilled and experienced installation crews that live and work in the local area.

Great conditions for solar in Canberra

The clear Canberra days make for some of the best solar conditions for any capital city in Australia with the average sun hours exceeding cities such as Sydney and Melbourne. 18% of houses in Canberra already have solar connected and are as a result, reaping the benefits of lower electricity bills.  An abundance of large houses with equally large roof spaces provides a great foundation for installing solar power in Canberra.

solar power canberra

100% renewable by 2020

The ACT has the most ambitious renewable energy target within Australia, aiming to reach 100% renewable by 2020. Thus, initiatives have been put in place to reach these targets, including a very popular residential energy storage roll-out.

Further, to help the ACT reach this target there is a very strong regulatory framework that ensures high standards of solar PV system installations. A government representative inspects each installed system in Canberra to ensure only the best solar installers operate in the region. SolarHub has 4 installation crews in Canberra that work to ensure that you get the best installation experience.

What financial incentives are available and how much can you save?

There are still excellent upfront financial incentives available to install solar, thus making solar a great investment for your home or business. A SolarHub consultant will review your site conditions and budget and tailor a system to suit your needs. Then, a detailed report is provided with an estimate on the amount of money you can expect to save yearly.

Products for the Canberra market

We understand that Canberra can experience serious temperature swings, and as such, we offer products targeted to working with that. We work with products that work best for solar power Canberra. Further, all of our inverters are tested by us in our testing facility in Mitchell, ACT, before we use them. We put the inverters through their paces do make sure that can handle wide variations in temperature experienced in Canberra. SolarHub uses panels from manufacturers LG and Jinko, both of whom were voted by choice magazine as number 1 and number 2 respectively.

Projected Savings in Canberra 

Solar PV can help home and business owners become more energy independent through the production of their own energy. Further, it can help reduce electricity bills through this energy generation. There are a number of factors to consider when calculating your projected savings which can consequently cause a variance in your projection. Some of these can include:

  • Shading
  • Orientation
  • Tilt of panels
  • Usage patterns
  • Cleanliness of panels

For a more personalised prediction of your expected savings, please contact SolarHub.