Solar Power Melbourne and Victoria

Victorians are rapidly realising the many benefits that solar can bring, with both environmental and financial incentives encouraging many homes and businesses to make the switch. To support this transition, SolarHub have an office and team in Melbourne to offer real, local assistance from a team that understand the local market.

As such, we can now come to you rather than trying to sell you solar over the phone. We look at your site, talk through the options we have available, and design a system specific to your needs. This helps differentiate us from many solar power companies who sell without ever seeing your home, or understanding your requirements. Further, we take the time to produce a customised report for you, which estimates your potential savings. This will help you understand what financial benefits solar can bring to you. Your sales representative can further discuss your report and findings with you if you have questions.

To find out more about our solar power Melbourne solutions, organise a free consultation today.

Designing systems for Melbourne conditions

Melbourne weather is known to change drastically within a single day, and as such the equipment used for a solar system has to be able deal with varying weather conditions. To cater for this we therefore use panels that work well in all conditions. One of these products is the LG solar panel, which has one of the best temperature coefficients available in the market. This therefore means it works great in high heat. The double-sided cell structure in the panel also captures some of the sunlight that doesn’t hit the panel directly making it ideal for varying weather conditions.

Further, SolarHub can also help you to optimise your solar energy by installing energy saving devices. These can include Solar Hot Water systems and Energy Storage Systems.

Solar power Melbourne

What financial incentives are available and how much can you save?

There are still excellent upfront financial incentives available to install solar, making solar a great investment for your home or business. A SolarHub consultant will review your site conditions and budget and tailor a system to suit your needs. All of this will be detailed in a report that will provide you with an estimate on the amount of money you can expect to save each year.