Solar Power Sydney and NSW

SolarHub has been servicing homes and businesses in Southern NSW for over 5 years in their solar power needs. This covers cities such as Goulburn, Yass, Cooma, Queanbeyan and some areas of South Coast NSW. SolarHub has this experience in servicing solar power Sydney and NSW, and can thus specialise in customising systems for rural areas where there are additional complexities.  These can include trenching, long cable runs, old switchboards and have installed solar panels on ground mount systems and sheds. Moreover, this experience lets us stand apart from other companies by allowing us to understand the requirements and regulations.

Further, with the advances of solar, and the Solar Bonus Scheme having ended recently, it means many owners of solar systems would be considering Energy Storage systems to store the solar power from their system rather than exporting it to the grid. This is an area that SolarHub are also experienced in assisting, and are thus able to offer appropriate solutions for their customers.

Why Sydney and NSW Should Go Solar

Sydney and NSW are subject to many warm, sunny, and blue sky days, thus making them ideal circumstances for home or business owners to reach their energy goals. With big shifts having recently happened in NSW to transition homes from gross to net-metering, solar power is naturally a great solution for many consumers to continue their path of energy self-sufficiency.

At SolarHub, we can also help you to optimise your solar energy by installing energy saving devices such as Solar Hot Water and Energy Storage Systems.

solar power NSW

What financial incentives are available and how much can you save?

There are still excellent upfront financial incentives available to install solar, thus making solar a great investment for homes or businesses. A SolarHub consultant will review your site conditions, and budget, and tailor a system to suit your needs. They will be moreover be able to advise of any available incentives, and expected savings in your detailed report.