SolarEdge Smart Panel

SolarEdge is a global leader in smart energy technology. By leveraging world-class engineering capabilities and with a relentless focus on innovation, SolarEdge creates smart energy solutions that power our lives and drive future progress. Their leading technologies allow them to increase performance and maximise the potential of the solar system. To find out more, read our SolarEdge Review here.

SolarEdge Smart Module

By offering best-in-class smart panels, SolarEdge has expanded its comprehensive residential offering even further. Pre-assembled with power optimisers, the smart panels combine with SolarEdge’s award-winning inverters to enable faster and easier PV installations than before. The smart panel carries the SolarEdge seal of approval, and has been independently tested by PI Berlin, further ensuring high quality and reliability.

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Increased Performance

Pre-assembled power optimisers to harvest more power from each panel

Long-term Warranty

The SolarEdge smart panel comes with a 12 year panel warranty and a 25-year performance warranty.

Excellent Reliability

Superior quality control guaranteed by SolarEdge, with full automatic production line and 100% EL triple inspection, independently verified by Berlin PI

Complete Solution

Full system offering, warranty, and service, all from SolarEdge, a bankable and financially stable vendor

 Aesthetic Design

Elegant design with black-framed panel offering