Previously named one of the best markets for solar in the world by the Clean Energy Council (CEC, 2015), Australia have, as of 14th June 2018, installed over 3 million small-scale renewable energy systems.

These 3 million systems have been installed since the Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme was introduced in 2001 by the Clean Energy Regulator (CER), offering financial incentives for individuals and small businesses to install eligible small-scale renewable energy systems, inclusive of solar panels which accounted for around 63 percent.

Development of new optimisation technologies, batteries, and the increased efficiency of inverters and panels have helped drive this number of installations with the average solar system now reporting (the Energy Council, 2017) to be between 4.5- 6.5kW in size. This drive of technology advances, larger systems, and reduced prices has seen a trend of 1 in 5 homes (CER, 2018) to have installed rooftop solar in Australia.

This increase in uptake of solar technologies is reflective of the current market and the desire for the consumer to become more energy independent. Technologies such as the energy storage systems can help the consumer further achieve this, giving them the ability to store their excess energy for use during periods of high demand, or in the evenings. Further optimisational technologies like Reposit Power can also extend these benefits by learning the consumers usage habits and trading their energy at opportune times. Or even smart panel advances such as the SolarEdge Smart panel, which is discussed further in our SolarEdge review here.

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1 in 5 homes solar 2018