Solar in The Summer

Australians have been experiencing a scorching Summer this year with temperatures soaring to the high 30s and 40s around the continent. This has in turn led many solar PV owners to monitor their systems success with delight, but has also brought about a magnitude of solar users who fear that their system will not be productive in the other seasons of the year. Below we aim to dissect this common misconception by breaking down the a typical solar PV generation process.

How a Solar PV System Works

Solar PV panels work by converting the suns radiation into DC electricity. This DC electricity is then sent to the inverter which converts the DC into usable AC electricity to power the home or business, with the excess electricity being sent back to the grid.

This process becomes more convoluted with additional steps when batteries and optimisation technologies are introduced, but regardless of where the energy goes after its creation, the generation process remains the same.

Converting the Suns Radiation

The key aspect of the fore mentioned process is that the solar PV system converts the suns radiation into electricity rather than converting the temperature of the day. This means that days in Spring, Autumn, or even Winter could be just as fundamental to the success of your solar PV system as the days in Summer. Monitoring software’s are available for most solar PV systems and are a great tool to help you track these trends, helping you understand your system and its generation trends more comprehensively.

Design of Your System

Ultimately, the design of your system is key to helping its success. As we have no control over the weather, we instead focus on building a system for you that is designed to be receptive of the maximum amount of sunlight possible. This will mean that areas of high shade and South facing roofs are avoided. Your solar representative will be able to help you understand this more effectively throughout your initial consultation, or be able to guide you in understanding how your system is tracking post-installation.