We get asked all sorts of questions about solar energy systems but one that frequently pops up is “how strong are your solar panels and what does it take to break them?”.

Well our Trina panels for example can handle around 5500 pascals of snow load or approximately 2400 pascal of wind load. Pascals are a measure of force and so its a bit difficult to imagine exactly how much snow or wind that is but you could convert it to something like kilograms of force / square meter, which for the snow load would give us 550 kg of force / sqm. That’s a fair bit of snow and a lot more that we are ever likely to get in Australia!

That said, for a October day you wouldn’t have expected to get snow in Canberra would you? Well, while Bywong isn’t strictly Canberra, one our customers woke up this morning to find snow on her recently installed panels (see picture below). It will be interesting to see how long it is before these panels start generating some electricity today!