Standards of Solar Installations

The solar industry has undergone a lot of change and growth over the last 10-15 years since its initial boom. The prices of standard systems have reduced, while the performance and capability has increased. It has also seen the introduction of new technology, including optimisational technologies for home and business owners who can now learn more than ever about their energy habits, and adapt accordingly. But one of the most important aspects of the solar industry which has only grown further to protect the customer, and to help regulate quality are the solar regulations.

To install solar, there are a series of requirements that companies must adhere to. Both panels, and inverters must comply with Australian standards, and be currently approved by the Clean Energy Council. Further, every installation must have a qualified electrician who has undergone training in solar to gain their relevant accreditation.

In the ACT, there are also inspections of systems to help ensure quality control, and to further protect the customer. As some standards change per state, or territory, it is important to ensure you have a solar company that understands the local market, and can adhere to the relevant regulations. SolarHub are proudly a Clean Energy Council Approved Retailer. The CEC code of conduct sets a high bar for the solar industry and protects you as the consumer from unscrupulous operators and poor-quality installations. SolarHub prides itself on the quality of the information and advice we give to our customers and this quotation is a testament to the investment SolarHub has made in providing you with clear and comprehensive advice.