solar install

Summer. Simmer. Solar

If you haven’t already melted in this heat you may be among the many that are wondering if running the air conditioner 24/7 is a feasible solution. Yet with energy prices looking as if they will steadily rise (2018) and the heat wave continuing through Australia (Guardian, 2018) for the foreseeable future, it can make these decisions extremely costly. Instead, ensuring you take advantage of the available sunshine and applying some easy energy saving tips, you can gain greater control over your energy and subsequent electricity bills.

Windows and Blinds

It may seem like a very basic idea but by opening your windows during the night it can allow for the cooler air to flow through your house. When followed up by keeping your blinds drawn during the day it means you can trap the cooler air in the house. This will hopefully reduce the amount of time you need to keep the cooler on.

Cold Water

Around 25% of household energy use goes to heating water (energy 2018). To help reduce this impact you could instead try to use cold water to wash your clothes and dishes. Your clothes will still be washed, but your energy usage could drastically reduce.

Clean Your Air Conditioner

Cleaning your air-conditioner may help it work more efficiently, and also ensure it is pumping clean air through your home.

Solar Power

Solar is a great option for many home owners that are looking to be more energy independent. By capturing the suns radiation and converting it into usable electricity to power your home you can reduce your reliance on grid-bought electricity. In Summer solar seems like a more obvious solution because of how many sunny days we experience, but in truth solar panels work efficiently all year around for the amount of solar irradiance each panel receives.

Solar Battery and Optimisation

Solar batteries work by capturing the excess energy generated by your solar PV system and storing it for later use. This can be a great addition by further assisting you in reducing your reliance on the grid. Energy management technologies such as Reposit Power can help here by maximising its potential and connecting your SolarHub smart battery to the Virtual Power Plant (VPP).

The VPP connects battery owners around the ACT and NSW and allows them to sell their stored energy back to the grid when support services are required, allowing the battery owner to financially benefit in return. In Summer this assistance can be especially important as it helps ensure more grid-stability for the community during times of higher energy usage- such as when the air conditioner unit is running 24/7.