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Will I Have Power if the Grid Goes Down?

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 Will I Have Power if the Grid Goes Down? When installing an energy storage system, unless specifically wired for off-grid capabilities, your system is still grid tied. This means that although you now have an energy storage system that can store your excess energy, you are still able to draw needed electricity from the grid. For many home owners this is important, as their battery is not capable of providing enough to sustain their house-hold over several days of bad weather, or for their high power usage habits. As such, being grid tied allows these users the freedom of still accessing read more…

The Boom of Energy Storage Systems

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 The Boom of Energy Storage Systems Energy storage systems were the buzz words in 2015, with everything from radio, TV, and newspapers featuring their impending popularity. Now with the start of the New Year rapidly disappearing behind us, and the hype only increasing, we’re outlining what the buzz is about. What are Energy Storage Systems? When the sun’s radiation is captured through a solar PV system, it is then converted from DC electricity into usable AC electricity to power homes and businesses. Usually, any excess energy that is created is sent back to the grid to be sold, and any extra energy needed from read more…