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Gross and Net Metering

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 Gross and Net Metering Energy storage systems are a great step forward for many net metered solar systems, yet many consumers don’t know if they are net, gross, or what the difference is. Below we have outlined the basic difference for you, and our belief to why energy storage systems will be an exciting opportunity for many solar system owners. Net Metering When energy is created through a net metered solar system, the energy is first fed to the home or business’ appliances and internal power needs, with any excess being exported to the grid. If any additional energy is read more…

Going Off-Grid with an Energy Storage System

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 Going Off-Grid with an Energy Storage System Energy storage systems are fast becoming a popular investment for many homes or businesses that have, or are installing solar. With exciting technologies already on the market, including the Tesla Powerwall, and LG RESU, it would appear as if energy independence is finally within grasp for many. Yet do these technologies make you independent from the grid, and how essential is it to generate all of your own energy? These are some of the more frequently asked questions regarding energy storage systems, which we hope to answer for you below. Do energy storage read more…