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 SUNNY REGARDS FROM 2018: A YEAR IN REVIEW 2018 was a big year for the solar industry with the Clean Energy Regulator reporting that 1 in 5 homes has now installed rooftop solar in Australia (November, 2018). This growth is reflective of the decreasing price of systems, advancing technologies and increasing electricity prices which are reportedly now double what they were a decade ago (SMH 2018). Other factors that contributed to this growth in 2018 were the introduction of the Victorian Government rebate, offering up to 50% off an average 4kW solar panel system (which currently equates to $2,225) for read more…

Beat Winter Bill Panic

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 Beat Winter Bill Panic Winter is here, and unfortunately, that can often mean that our electricity bill is soon to arrive, and if we have been feeling the cold and pumping the heater, then it is not going to be one we look forward to. But before crisis mode is enabled, and we start planning how we will live without a heater for the years to follow, lets look at some simple ways we could potentially reduce our energy usage- and in turn, avoid that Winter bill panic. Rug Up Leave those layers on when you get indoors! By keeping your jumper, or read more…