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Will I Have Power if the Grid Goes Down?

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 Will I Have Power if the Grid Goes Down? When installing an energy storage system, unless specifically wired for off-grid capabilities, your system is still grid tied. This means that although you now have an energy storage system that can store your excess energy, you are still able to draw needed electricity from the grid. For many home owners this is important, as their battery is not capable of providing enough to sustain their house-hold over several days of bad weather, or for their high power usage habits. As such, being grid tied allows these users the freedom of still accessing read more…

Caring for your solar PV system

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 Caring for your solar PV system A solar PV system can help many home or business owners gain more financial freedom, energy independence, and is increasingly becoming more popular within Australia. Yet one thing many owners do not stop and ask about, is the upkeep of these systems once the initial research investment, and installation process is complete. Two of these factors are cleaning, and the mandatory testing which we have outlined in more detail below. Panel Cleaning Cleaning of the solar panels is recommended in order to keep them free of dirt, leaves, debris and bird droppings. Every system read more…

Media Release: Canberrans offered cutting-edge tech under new solar storage project

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 Media Release: Canberrans offered cutting-edge tech under new solar storage project Friday, April 22, 2016 Up to 60 Canberran households will be offered the world’s most advanced solar batteries at discounted rates under the ACT Government’s Next Generation Energy Storage Pilot. Two ACT businesses are working together to offer the ground-breaking systems, which use Tesla Powerwall or LG RESU residential solar batteries as a base. The batteries will be fitted with controls developed by local Canberra company Reposit Power. Reposit’s cutting-edge software increases the performance of the batteries and allows home owners to sell the power they generate on the wholesale read more…