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Has the Solar Rebate Ended

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 A Clarification On The Solar Rebate Ending In the famous words of Douglas Adams, we would like to tell all of our readers: Don’t Panic. Over the last few weeks, it would seem that many of you have been bombarded with late night calls, and unwarranted emails advising that you need to rush out and buy solar right now, or else you will not be eligible for any solar rebate in the ACT. This is understandably confusing, so we thought we would try to clear a little of it up and stop the state wide panic before we all forget our towels. Is the Solar Rebate Ending? read more…

The Boom of Energy Storage Systems

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 The Boom of Energy Storage Systems Energy storage systems were the buzz words in 2015, with everything from radio, TV, and newspapers featuring their impending popularity. Now with the start of the New Year rapidly disappearing behind us, and the hype only increasing, we’re outlining what the buzz is about. What are Energy Storage Systems? When the sun’s radiation is captured through a solar PV system, it is then converted from DC electricity into usable AC electricity to power homes and businesses. Usually, any excess energy that is created is sent back to the grid to be sold, and any extra energy needed from read more…

Solar Storage in the Australian Market

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 Solar Storage in the Australian Market Australia is considered one of the best markets for solar in the world, with the Clean Energy Council (CEC, 2015) reporting that over 1.42 million small-scale solar power systems had been installed by the end of 2015. These small-scale solar installations were responsible for generating about 2.1% of the country’s electricity that same year. As solar becomes more popular, technologies including solar storage systems are emerging to the Australian public as a way to become more energy independent. Solar storage systems work by capturing excess energy that may be generated from solar PV systems, and read more…