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Small-Scale Technology Certificates

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 Small-scale Technology Certificates To encourage individuals and businesses to use and invest in renewable sources of energy, there are government incentives and rebates available for solar. One of these is the Small-scale Technology Certificate, or more commonly known as STCs. How They Work When purchasing a solar system consumers may be eligible for these STCs, with the amount they receive varying dependant on factors such as their geographical location, installation date, size of system, and the current trading price on the STC market. Similar to most stock markets, the trading price of STCs can fluctuate according to supply and demand, meaning the prices read more…

The Grid Explained

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 The Grid Explained The grid, a phrase often thrown around by the energy companies in regard to buying off, sending to, or being more independent from, but never stopped and explained. So what exactly is the grid, and how do we actually interact with it? Lets look at some basics to help us understand what this four letter word has to do with our energy. What is the Grid What is referred to as ‘The Grid’ is an electrical grid connected to the network, and created to deliver electricity from the supplier to the consumer. It is how energy providers supply electricity to our read more…

Caring for your solar PV system

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 Caring for your solar PV system A solar PV system can help many home or business owners gain more financial freedom, energy independence, and is increasingly becoming more popular within Australia. Yet one thing many owners do not stop and ask about, is the upkeep of these systems once the initial research investment, and installation process is complete. Two of these factors are cleaning, and the mandatory testing which we have outlined in more detail below. Panel Cleaning Cleaning of the solar panels is recommended in order to keep them free of dirt, leaves, debris and bird droppings. Every system read more…