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The Winter Sol(ar)stice

Frosted windscreens, extra jackets, frozen ponds- yep winter is definitely here. But before we start the usual ardent use and subsequent regret from running our heaters, let’s look at a few factors that might help break this cycle. Below we have put together a few energy saving ideas that might help make that winter energy bill a little more bearable.


We’re not suggesting you should have to resort to wearing every piece of clothing you own to stay warm, but there is some merit behind the notion of layering up for the season. By wearing clothes that will keep you warm inside your house, you may not need to put your heater up so high…

Reduce the temperature

And despite what you might instinctively want to do, if you lower the thermostat by just a degree you could save up to 10 percent of your energy use according to Energy Made Easy (2018). It may also be a good idea to heat only the rooms you’re using and close the door of any you’re not. This could help you reduce your bills by ensuring your heater isn’t working overtime to warm the whole house.

Rug up the house

Is the cold air entering your home through cracks or drafty doors? It might be worth investigating sealing any places all the warm air is escaping. This can be done by using door seals, door snakes, or even by shutting the curtains to ensure your heater is working more efficiently.

Check your shower

Heating hot water can account for a large percentage of our overall energy use. As much as we may be tempted to have a very long and hot shower in winter, it may not be beneficial to our energy bills. Further, having a look at the shower head itself is a good practice- there are many modern or energy saving shower heads that will help reduce your water usage.

Solar Power

The sun is still shining in winter and can often produce some of the best conditions for solar power production. By installing a solar PV system on your home or business, you can capture the suns energy and use it to power your home, in turn- reducing your energy bills. Further energy management technologies can also be utilised here to ensure you maximise your energy efficiency and further reduce your reliance on the grid.

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