Why Choose Solar?

Home owners all around Australia are becoming more energy independent by generating their own electricity using the sun’s radiation- and the word about solar is spreading fast. The Climate Council (TCC, 2015) reported that within Australia over 1.4 million rooftop solar systems had been installed as of September 2015. We have outlined some of the top reasons we believe Australians are choosing to go solar:

Reduce Your Electricity Bills

Solar PV panels can help reduce electricity prices for homes and businesses by allowing consumers to create their own useable energy. Depending on system size and consumption habits, consumers are able to become less dependent on the grid, and rely more on their own generated energy, reducing how much electricity they buy from electricity companies. New technologies such as energy storage systems, and monitoring software then take this one step further. These tools can assist consumers understand how they use their energy, and give them the ability to generate excess energy to store and use during bad weather, or high usage- thereby giving further energy independence.

Increase in Home Value

When investing in solar, reduced electricity costs are a big factor, however the investment can also benefit the value of the home itself. A recent report from realestate.com.au (Real Estate, 2015) stated that 85% of Australians identify solar rooftop panels as adding to a property’s value. This has also become apparent in the new home market, with many being made solar-ready. Solar is now beginning to be seen as part of the building process, and a necessary consideration when investing in a home and considering its improved value.

Environmental Factors

Solar PV systems produce energy through converting the sun’s radiation into useable AC electricity for homes and businesses. This process is a carbon-free alternative to the traditional fossil-fuelled sources of energy, and can help reduce your home’s greenhouse gas emissions. Solar PV panels can offer home and business owners with a financially beneficial way to be more environmentally conscious.

Excellent Conditions

The Climate Council (TCC, 2015) reported that Australia is the world’s sunniest continent with enormous, but hugely underused potential for solar generation. Our hot sun, and open spaces make it ideal for solar PV installations, and mean that home and business owners can get the most out of their investment.

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