Why You Should Get Solar

Solar panels are increasingly becoming a more common occurrence for home and business owners, and with so many benefits it is no wonder why. Below we have outlined a few key reasons that we believe you should go solar.

Environmental Factors

Solar PV systems are a great way to switch to a fossil-free energy source, and in turn reduce your carbon-footprint. In the ACT especially, there is a highly ambitious renewable energy target of 100% by 2020, meaning that incentives surrounding energy storage systems are available for home or businesses. Enquire with us today to find out more.

Financial Benefits

Solar PV systems generate usable electricity for you to use in your home or business, meaning in-turn you can potentially save on your energy bills by buying less electricity from the grid. When you get a quote from SolarHub, we will provide you a rough estimate of a payback timeline for your system- helping you visualise how long it will be before you start earning money from your system. Further to this, smart-home and optimisational technologies can help speed up this pay-back period, and help you understand your energy consumption habits more effectively.

Great Conditions

Australia has some of the best climates for solar in the world. As the world’s sunniest continent with increasingly rising electricity prices, it is no wonder that solar, and energy storage systems have been booming in this market. These conditions mean you can really utilise your system, and get the most out of it.

Electricity Prices

It seems to be increasingly reported on in the news of late- rising electricity prices. Fortunately, with the installation of your own solar PV system, you are able to generate some of your own energy, and in turn rely a little less on the grid. This will not only help you be a little less susceptible to fluctuating electricity prices, but also give you some more financial freedom, and greater energy independence.